Contax645 color lessons




What’s inside?

  • 220 examples of film and raw(digital) photographs taken at the same time in the same light conditions.

  • 30 video lessons divided in a three categories “Indoors”, “Sunny” and “Rainy”

  • 56 presets which make your editing process easier.

Indoors collection

  • 10 Videos

  • 27 presets

  • Film and Raw examples

139 $

Sunny collection

  • 10 Videos

  • 12 presets

  • Film and Raw examples

109 $

Rainy collection

  • 10 Videos

  • 17 presets

  • Film and Raw examples

129 $

All together


Detailed and easy to understand analysis of the editing photos taken in a cloudy light conditions + presets, sunny light conditions and indoor light. It is almost all light schemes using for wedding photography. So you will be well prepared for you next wedding photoshoot.


How to buy?

1) For Russia - ask me here

2) For Ukraine - Privatbank

3) You can pay via Pay-Pal. I need just your email to send you invoice. After that I’ll send you link with video lessons, presets and raw/film files.

So. Step by step:

  1. Write me en email in the form below (you can ask questions there too)

  2. Accept invoice via Pay-Pal

  3. Get your link with with course and additional materials!

Few more words about the course

Here you will find:

  • Many simple and clear editing techniques. (see examples in our instagram)

  • Working with contrast and curve in LR

  • Set of raw files and film shots taken at the same time

  • Some lifehacks which make your work in Lightroom faster

Here will NOT find:

  • Third party plugins and filters

  • Magic presets and buttons - because all presets needs to be changed in depends on light conditions. How to do it - main idea if this course!

  • Greenish shadows

  • Overexposed pictures

Examples from the course